Tree Trimming in Brown County, South Dakota

Tree Trimming

Matt's Tree Service provides tree trimming services in Brown County and Aberdeen, South Dakota. As the area’s leading tree trimming company, you can count on us to handle your tree, shrub, or hedge with care. Throughout our years of experience, we have maintained an excellent reputation because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our tree trimmers have access to the proper equipment and training to ensure the job is completed within the project timeline. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced professional to improve the health and look of the trees on your property, look no further than Matt's Tree Service. Contact our team today to get started with a free estimate.

Many home and business owners never consider tree trimming as an essential service for their property. However, when you choose a knowledgeable and experienced team like Matt's Tree Service for tree trimming, you can experience the numerous benefits this service provides, including:

What Are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Improved Tree Health

One of the most significant benefits of our tree trimming services is improving the tree's health. Diseased branches may eventually spread through to the rest of the tree. Our professional tree trimmers can identify unhealthy tree branches and remove them to so the tree's nutrients are used on the rest of the healthy tree.

Better Appearance

Our knowledgeable and experienced tree trimmers understand how to properly shape a tree. This will improve your home or office's curb appeal and provide truly unique landscaping.

Increase Sun Exposure

Photosynthesis is necessary for plants to grow. However, if the tree's highest branches are blocking sunlight from reaching the leaves below, your tree isn't getting the nutrients it needs. We can maximize the sunlight your tree receives by removing unnecessary branches.


Our tree trimmers can remove dead or dying branches that, if otherwise left untrimmed, could fall, causing damage to your property and potential injury.

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Home and business owners throughout Brown County, SD, and the surrounding towns choose the experts at Matt's Tree Service for all their tree trimming needs. Throughout the years, we have helped hundreds of customers maintain healthy, safe trees on their property. Once we’ve trimmed your tree or shrug, we will remove all the waste, leaving you with a gorgeous and clean outdoor space. If you need a tree trimming service, our team is available to offer a free project estimate.